Government vessels


  • To prevent illegal and unorderly acts in the Ulsan Port area to maintain the shipping traffic order in the open port
  • Support of efficient and safe operation of Ulsan Port

Detailed activities

  • Marine patrol using the patrol boats of Ulsan Regional Office of Ocean and Fisheries
    • Twice a day and special patrols on holidays and nighttime if needed
    • Joint patrol and inspection with other agencies (coast guard, etc.)
  • Safety management of hazards to prevent explosion at the port
    • Safety management of hazardous object handling facilities and sites
    • Checking of report of hazardous objects and supervision of unloading of hazardous objects
  • Supervision repairing of ships to prevent accidents at the port
    • Checking of ship repairing permit/report
    • Inspection and crackdown of ships suspected of illegal repair
  • Continued crackdown of illegal fishing to establish the traffic order within the harbor limit
    • Disclosure of updated information on the zones of restricted fishing and guidance to establish the safe ship navigating environment in the port
    • Crackdown of illegal disposal of bamboo trees, fishing gear, etc. and removal of obstacles
  • Ship inspection and detaining of illegally operating ships such as no report of port entry/departure
    • Focusing on crackdown and guidance of ships not reporting to port control and no report of port entry/departure
  • Guidance and education of groups vulnerable to awareness to port order
    • PR and education of operators of small ships who have poor knowledge of law related to open port order