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ganjeolgot lighthouse

The lighthouse was constructed in 1920 to ensure safety of ships navigating along the southeastern coast of Korea and has been remodeled twice since then. It was announced by the National Astronomical Observatory and New Millenium Preparation Committee as the place of first sunrise in the shore of Northeast Asia for new millenium (7:31:17 on January 1 2000), and many tourists visited the New Millenium Sunrise 2000 event. As the result, Ulsan Regional Office of Ocean and Fisheries, remodeled it as the lighthouse symbolizing the new millenium as part of Lighthouse Marine Cultural Stage program.

Structure and Characteristics of Tower

  • Structure : 17m high structure is a white octagonal tower with decagon shaped traditional Korean rooftop.
  • Characteristics : The lighthouse was remodeled in celebration of ‘6th Sea Day’ event on May 31 2001 to commemorate the millenium sunrise festival. The new design added the traditional Korean rooftop and features the observation deck. The foundation is cylindrical while the main tower is octagonal and rooftop is decagon. It also matches the sculptures installed in the nearby Sunrise Sculpture Park very well and is regarded as piece of sculpture.