Flag State Control


  • IMO adopted the Maritime Assistance Services (MAS) scheme to require active implementation of international convention and thorough safety management of flag ships.
  • There is a need to manage safety of flag ships to acquire/maintain the Ship Safety Management outstanding country status worldwide.

Related Legislation

Article 69 (Foreign Control of Country of Port, etc.) of Ship Safety Act

Target Ships

  • Korean registered ships imposed of a port embargo by PSC of foreign port authorities.
  • Ships requiring measures to prevent a port embargo by foreign ports
    • Bulk frighters and dangerous cargo vessels with 15 years or longer ship age
    • Ships that received a port embargo by PSC of a foreign port authority within past three years
    • Ships owned by the owners of ships that have higher port embargo rates by PSC of foreign port authorities than the average port embargo rate of Korean registered ships

Procedure and Method of Special Inspection

Inspection in accordance with PSC procedure and issuance of the inspection report

Measures to Deficient Ships

  • Investigation of inspection of classification of deficient ship
  • Attendance of classification society when identifying serious deficiency and checking of correction
  • Ex post facto special inspection of ships imposed of PSC port embargo
  • Special ISM inspection of ships and shipping companies if needed