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Instruction for using compulsory pilotage

  • All ships entering and leaving Ulsan Harbor are obligated to use the harbor pilotage in principle.
  • Any ship intending to use the pilotage to enter Ulsan Harbor should contact Ulsan Harbour Pilots
    (http://www.ulsanpilot.co.kr, TEL +82-52-261-7703) and request the service by 2 hours before the time pilot service begins.

We will provide the harbor logistics service quickly and precisely.

  • All vessels of 500 gross tonnage or more which have not been registered with the Republic of Korea.
  • All vessels of 500 ross tonnage or more which have been registered with the Republic of Korea and are engaged in international navigation.
  • Vessels of more than 2000GRT or more which have been registered with the Republic of Korea without being engaged in international navigation. and not servicing international sea routes, provided that for a lighter, it will be limited to a lighter combined with a tugboat, and the gross tonnage in that case will be computed by adding the gross tonnages of the lighter and the tugboat.
  • ※ Gross tonnage is defined by ‘The International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969’. (Gross tonnage on the certificate of the ship’s nationality is applied for the home trade vessels not engaged in international navigation and outward-bounders of 4000 gross tonnage or less.)