What is a Port?

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What is a Port?


It is a place equipped with facilities for arrival or departure of vessels, people embarking or disembarking, cargo unloading, storage & handling, and oceanic waterfront activities and those for added value creation such as cargo assembly, processing, packaging, and manufacturing.
While port and harbor are often confused, a harbor usually includes comprehensive pier functions such as navigation courses, anchorage, pier facilities, and cargo unloading facilities.

Type of port

  • Harbor
    • A harbor is an establishment with facilities installed for the entry and departure of ships, the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers onto and from ships, and the loading, unloading, storing, handling of cargos. It is divided into an international trade port and a coastal port.
  • International trade port
    • An international trade port is a harbor that is closely related to the national economy and public interest, and into and from which ocean-going ships mainly enter and depart. Its name, location, and zone of each port are prescribed by Presidential Decree, and it can be designated as a national trade port or a regional trade port taking into consideration the volume of cargos exported and imported, development plans, and balanced regional development in order to manage and operate international trade ports systematically and efficiently.
    • National trade port
      A harbor critically related to national interests in terms of handling cargos from the hinterland of a metropolitan area or supporting major key industries, as a hub for domestic and overseas inland and marine transportation networks.
    • Regional trade port
      A harbor mainly for handling cargos necessary for regional industries as a hub for regional inland and marine transportation networks.
  • Coastal port
    • A coastal port is a harbor into and from which ships operating between domestic ports mainly enter and depart. Its name, location, and zone of each port are prescribed by Presidential Decree.
  • Harbor management authority
    • The harbors designated by the Harbor Act or the Fishing Villages and Fishery Harbors Act establish a harbor management authority to develop or manage the harbor or delegate some responsibilities to the regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries or metropolitan administrations.